Negotiating Solutions Through Family Law Agreements

Family law agreements set in writing the actual arrangements that parties are able to come to a consensus on. They are a useful way to deal with issues without having to go to court. They can be cost effective and provide flexibility to deal with issues privately, without court.

At Smyth Hoover Sandhu, we provide skilled service to help our clients get the most benefit out of these useful legal tools. We advise on what could and should be contained in these agreements. We also identify items that you or the other party may have neglected to include, and we modify the terms to ensure that your wishes are properly reflected and drafted.

Domestic Contracts For The Family

British Columbia law provides for a number of family law agreements. The most common of these include:

These legally-binding contracts allow a couple to set out in advance their own rules with respect to a wide array of domestic matters. This affords a great degree of flexibility — in a way that cannot typically be obtained if issues were to be settled by a judge in court.

Family Law Agreements — Carefully Designed And Drafted

As a firm that focuses on family law, we have been creating domestic contracts for over two decades. We know that there is limited utility in creating an agreement if it doesn’t fully protect your interests or if the terms may not be legally enforceable. When contemplating and drafting your agreement, our lawyers will help you understand:

  • What issues your agreement should include
  • What common pitfalls to avoid
  • How to structure clauses in a way that protects your interests — practically and financially
  • How to ensure the agreement will stand up to judicial scrutiny if challenged

We can also represent you if the other party defaults on his or her obligations or in cases where you seek to vary an existing agreement or court order.

Review Your Agreement With A Lawyer

We draft agreements and also advise on agreements drafted by others. You can bring in a drafted family law agreement and our lawyers can provide you with independent legal advice before signing.

Discuss Your Agreement Options With A Lawyer

Our firm also offers a free 30-minute initial consultation. We can discuss your needs and direct you to an agreement that is best suited to your situation. Call our office in Port Moody at 604-942-6560 or send us an email to book an appointment today.