Creating Optimal Arrangements For Child Support

Whatever relationship you may have with your ex-spouse after a separation, the law requires both parents to share in providing financially for the children. Child support is a legal right that belongs to every child. Yet, parents often differ on the kind and level of financial support necessary to nurture the child.

At Smyth Hoover Sandhu, we are a longstanding boutique firm with a focus on family law. We have assisted separating parents throughout British Columbia to generate fair and practical structures for child support. We aim for outcomes that place parents in the best position to help their children thrive.

Comprehensive Solutions To Support Children Financially

Canada’s Federal Child Support Guidelines provide predetermined amounts for child support payments. These calculations serve as a starting point to ensure that your children have the appropriate level of financial support from both parents. However, adjustments can often be made on the amount and duration of payments.

Our lawyers are skilled at analyzing the unique needs of families. We can help you devise an arrangement that considers such factors as:

  • Comprehensive evaluations of each parent’s income, including self-employment, variable or corporate income
  • Extraordinary expenses, such as private schooling, post-secondary education or extracurricular activities for gifted or special-needs children
  • The impact of expenses related to the non-resident parent’s time with the child
  • The obligation of a step-parent or other non-biological parent

We can help you determine an appropriate amount that meets your children’s needs while avoiding undue financial hardship for yourself. Then, we will help you solidify the arrangement through either a negotiated settlement or court order if necessary.

We can also provide advice if you experience problems with enforcement or require assistance to alter an existing child support arrangement.

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