Navigating The Complexities Of Parental Alienation

In recent years, family law courts have seen a disturbing increase in the problem known as parental alienation. This complex psychological situation arises when one parent makes systematic efforts to poison a child’s mind and turn him or her away from the other parent.

If you are involved in a high-conflict separation or divorce that may involve parental alienation, the lawyers at Smyth Hoover Sandhu can help.

Successfully Defending Or Pursuing A Claim

You may be the target of accusations or you suspect your ex-spouse of parental alienation. Whatever the case, we know how to investigate the issues and protect the best interests of you and your children. As a boutique family law firm, our lawyers have already fought cases in British Columbia involving this emerging issue.

Courts do not look kindly on casual accusations of this serious issue. Before proceeding, it’s important to seek skilled legal advice. Our lawyers keep abreast of all new legal cases and developments. We analyze both legal and factual details. We understand the intersection of law and psychology in such cases.

If the evidence supports the presence of parental alienation as a factor in your separation or divorce, we can evaluate the strength of your case and possible outcomes.

Finding Solutions To Parental Alienation

Working through the end of a relationship is emotionally draining. But when destructive efforts to manipulate the situation are present, both parents and children suffer. Our lawyers are sensitive to the strains you face and can help you:

  • Navigate issues relating to custody and pursue changes if necessary
  • Objectively evaluate your child’s preferences
  • Seek expert reports from complementary professionals
  • Find practical ways to cope and to help your child as the case progresses
  • Explore possible reunification strategies

Discuss Your Concerns With A Lawyer

If your separation or divorce involves high conflict or complex issues such as parental alienation, you need skilled, strategic legal advice. Our lawyers are ready to discuss your needs in a free half-hour initial consultation. Request an appointment today by calling our office in Port Moody at 604-942-6560 or reach us via email.