Protecting Clients’ Interests In Spousal Support

Monetary support is designed to offset financial hardship or compensate for losses following a separation or divorce, but it is not an automatic provision. At Smyth Hoover Sandhu, we have helped many clients in Greater Vancouver and throughout British Columbia navigate spousal support issues, both simple and complex.

If your matter can be amicably resolved without going to court, our lawyers can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable arrangement. If the matter requires escalation, we have the skill and experience to advance your interests through court. Whichever route we choose, our aim is to pursue the best outcome possible for you.

Determining Entitlement And Obligation

Whether in a married, common-law or same-sex context, being a “spouse” does not by default translate into the entitlement to receive or obligation to pay spousal support. Many factors must be considered.

As a leading family law firm, our lawyers stay abreast of the latest legal developments to provide the most effective outcomes for clients during separation and divorce. Whether you require skilled advice in order to establish your entitlement or to limit your financial obligation, our lawyers can help.

We rely on our in-depth legal knowledge, negotiating skills and courtroom experience to create comprehensive spousal support arrangements. Our aim is to protect your best interests — both now and with a long-range view to the future.

Variations And Enforcement

If, after your agreement has been signed or a court order has been made, you experience a material change in circumstances, our lawyers can review an existing court order or negotiated spousal support arrangement. If the facts indicate that you should receive increased support or a reduction in your payment obligations, we can help you pursue an updated and equitable arrangement.

We can also assist in cases where a delinquent payor fails to honour his or her legal obligation to provide financial support.

Free 30-Minute Initial Consultation

At Smyth Hoover Sandhu, an initial 30-minute family law consultation is always free. Our lawyers are ready to listen and provide you with insights and options on how to proceed. Call our office in Port Moody at 604-942-6560 or email us to arrange an appointment.