Pursuing Spousal Support Entitlements

Spousal support helps offset financial hardship or compensates for losses felt by one party after a separation. One spouse may not have been deeply involved in the couple’s financial affairs and must now navigate complicated facts and figures for the first time. At Smyth Hoover Sandhu, we are here to help.

As a boutique family law firm located in Port Moody, our lawyers have decades of experience representing spousal support applicants throughout Vancouver, British Columbia. Our lawyers provide reliable legal advice aimed at helping you secure a fair and comprehensive outcome for your post-separation life.

Entitlement Is Not Automatic

Unlike child support, spousal support is not provided automatically simply because one party in the relationship earns more income than the other. An applicant must successfully prove that an entitlement exists.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of what the law says of spousal support entitlement. We also have extensive courtroom experience and will examine the most recent case law to help you maximize your entitlement. With our collaborative team approach, our lawyers share the latest in knowledge and skill to help you:

  • Ensure the fullest financial data and disclosure possible
  • Evaluate any complicating factors, such as business assets or the relevance of spousal misconduct
  • Consider economic disadvantages that developed for you during the relationship, such as the sacrifice of income-earning opportunities or career advancement
  • Calculate potential tax consequences of various support structures

Separation and divorce can involve some of the highest levels of stress and emotional turmoil you may experience in life. As your legal advocates, our legal team will guide you through the process. Our goal is to help you successfully through to the other side and set you on the best footing for your life going forward.

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