Successfully Navigating Spousal Support Obligation

Once spousal support has been mutually agreed upon or ordered by the court, a payor is legally required to fulfil his or her obligation. Seeking changes to these arrangements after the fact can be very difficult. That’s why it’s important to arrive at a reasonable, sustainable arrangement from the outset.

The lawyers at Smyth Hoover Sandhu have helped many clients in all areas of Metro Vancouver and British Columbia, successfully navigate the issue of spousal support. Knowing the long-term financial consequences at stake, we can provide insightful, strategic advice to help you determine your obligation, while limiting the financial impact after separation.

Protecting Your Financial Best Interests

With our decades of experience in family law, our firm can provide detailed and accurate advice. Our practice is built on high-quality work. When you bring your case to us, we will conduct a thorough analysis to:

  • Identify applicable legal guidelines and case law
  • Evaluate the facts and the financial situations of both parties
  • Determine reasonable amounts and durations of support
  • Compare the financial and tax implications of lump sum vs periodic payment structures

We aim for results that place you in the best possible position for the next phase of your life, in the days, months and years following the end of the relationship.

Talk With Our Lawyers — An Initial Consultation Is Free

We invite you to visit us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. We can discuss your spousal support obligation and other issues and challenges you face during separation or divorce. Call our office in Port Moody at 604-942-6560 or contact us by email to book a time.